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Celebrating the Heart of Ohio at the Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival

Have you ever heard of a town called Centerburg? Located in Knox County, Ohio, this small village was founded in 1834 and is known for its rich history and vibrant community. Every year, Centerburg celebrates the state’s heart with the Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival, which takes place on the last weekend of June. Let’s explore why this festival is so important to the people of Centerburg and beyond.

Centerburg’s History

It’s believed that Centerburg got its name because it was an ideal spot where horses could be rested midway between Columbus and Mount Vernon. In 1960, it was officially recognized as being the physical center of Ohio by then-governor Michael DiSalle after a survey determined that the village was precisely one mile east of the geographic center of the state. Such information makes this small village unique compared to other towns in the area.

The Meaning Behind The Festival

The Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival is a celebration that honors not only Centerburg’s history but also its present and future. The festival has become an annual tradition for many residents who look forward to participating every summer. It features events such as parades, fireworks shows, live music performances, and more – all spread out across three days! People come from all over to enjoy this special weekend filled with fun activities for both young and old alike.

The Impact On The Community & Beyond

The festival has provided an opportunity for Centerburg locals to come together and celebrate their pride as well as their town's unique identity. It has also made a positive impact on local businesses such as restaurants, shops, etc., which have seen increased economic activity during this time period each year due to tourists visiting from out-of-town. This event is a great way for people outside of Knox County to learn more about what makes Centerburg so special while also creating meaningful memories with family and friends in a safe environment!


The Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival is an integral part of life in Centerburg – one that brings people together while allowing them to honor their town's past and embrace its future. It provides ample opportunities for everyone involved to make lasting memories while supporting local businesses along the way! If you're ever looking for something special to do during June in or around Knox County, be sure to check out what's happening at this beloved event!

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